Embodied Energy and Carbon Storage in Buildings/Indlejret energi og kulstoflagring i bygninger

23. august 2019

With buildings, we have for a long time focused solely on energy consumption, not on embodied energy – meaning the energy that is used to extract and produce materials and construct our buildings. But recent research show that today the embodied energy actually equals or even surpasses the total energy use in the building’s entire lifespan.

For the building industry to take responsibility for a cost-effective climate mitigation, we need to understand that climate-friendly buildings are also about material awareness, minimizing the building materials carbon footprint, carbon storage by building in fx. wood – which now can be used for almost all sorts of buildings – and conscious circular design and recycling of buildings and materials.

With this conference, we want to inspire the building industry, advisers, contractors, private builders and professional clients, to build the climate-friendly buildings of tomorrow, today.

Short video about Embodied Energy and Carbon Storage as presented at the conference 29th October 2019

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Presentations from the conference


12:00    Arrival, Registration & Sandwich

12:30    Welcome
              Jesper Nygård, CEO Realdania

12:40    Introduction video

12:50    Embodied Carbon in the Built Environment
             – An International Perspective on Policy Frameworks.
             Trude Rauken, Deputy Director, Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance

13:10     Embodied carbon in buildings – an important climate change issue.
              Harpa Birgisdottir, Senior Researcher, Danish Building Research Institute, AAU

13:30    Counting Carbon, the Circular Way
              Kasper Guldager Jensen, Architect, Senior partner and Director of GXN

13:50     Material reuse and Circular Economy in the building industry.
              Ditte Lysgaard Vind, Managing Partner, Lendager TCW

14:10     Wood in buildings. A Carbon Negative Material.
              Lone Wiggers, Architect and Partner CF: Møller Architects

14:30     Coffee Break

15:00     Climate friendly insulation. What, how and why.

              Bodil Engberg Pallesen, Seniorspecialist, Bioresources og Biorefinery, Technological Institute

15:20     Concrete. How can concrete be a part of climate-friendly buildings. Problems and solutions.
              Thomas Uhd, Head of External Relations & Sustainability, Aalborg Portland

15:40     Low embodied energy. A clients perspective. Why and how.
              Per Bro, Building Director, Boligselskabet Sjælland

16:00     Carbon goals in the building industry. A contractors perspective.
              Martin Manthorpe, Director of strategy NCC

16:20     The political focus and the road ahead.
              Anne Paulin, Member of Parliament for the danish Social

Democrat, Spokesperson on Climate-, Energy- and Supply policies.

16:40     Debate
               Anne Paulin
               Harpa Birgisdottir
               Martin Manthorpe
               Kasper Guldager
               Lone Wiggers

17:00     Wine & networking

For further information please contact:

Lars Køhler, Arkitekt MAA

Buildings / Sustainability, Energy & Climate

Green Transition Denmark

Tel: +45 5196 7009

E-mail: lars@rgo.dk

This conference is financed in cooperation with Realdania